Goldenfeast is Going Wild!

Goldenfeast is Going Wild!

Goldenfeast is Going Wild!

Introducing Furry
Beasts of Field...

Goldenfeast is Going Wild!

And Wild Bird Food I
for song birds

Goldenfeast is Going Wild!

Plus Wild Bird Food II
for small song birds

Goldenfeast is Going Wild!

Nearly 40 blends in all

Goldenfeast is Going Wild!

Available in barrier bag...

Goldenfeast is Going Wild!

and super size

Goldenfeast is Going Wild!

The premium gourmet food
for exotic birds since 1991

Goldenfeast is Going Wild!

All natural, finest ingredients, no dyes,
no preservatives, no synthetic vitamins


Our Premium Bird Food Provides Ideal Nutrition for Wild and Exotic Birds

Exotic birds are intelligent creatures that thrive when fed a diverse, nutrient-dense diet. At Goldenfeast, we understand the unique dietary needs of pet birds. From African Greys and Amazons to finches and parakeets, Goldenfeast provides the best quality exotic bird food available. Our plant-based pet bird food is all-natural and rich in the superfood nutrients you need to provide a healthy, robust diet to your bird.

The Best Ingredients Available Today

Goldenfeast packs an extraordinary amount of specialty ingredients in each of our exotic bird, wild bird and small animal food formulas. You’ll appreciate how every package features time-stamping that assures maximum freshness. Birds and small animals love our food — and not just because it looks and smells delicious! Goldenfeast never adds synthetic vitamins or preservatives to our formulas. Instead, you’ll find diverse ingredients that stimulate your bird’s health, intellect and energy.

Products and Selection

Our selection of bird food and small animal food includes:

  • Goldn’obles Blend — It’s the bird food made with organic ingredients and is GMO free. With over 50 ingredients built around the complete protein power of quinoa, this is the highest quality most nutritionally complete extruded formula available. Like all of our blends, it is preservative free, synthetic-vitamin-free and has the organic ingredients you want — and your birds will love.

  • Exotic bird food — Buy exotic bird food blends made especially for your African grey, cockatoo, macaw, parrot or Amazon. You’ll also find all-natural bird food for your parakeet, lovebird, parrotlet, lorie, canary, cockatiel, conure or lorikeet.

  • Wild bird food — Attract a wide variety of beautiful songbirds to your property with the highest quality wild bird food.

  • Wholesale bird food — Goldenfeast offers great pricing for exotic bird breeders, high volume users and retail outlets. If you are interested in learning about our wholesale rates, contact our office directly.

  • Peanut Free Blends- Are you allergic to peanuts? Goldenfeast offers 13 different blends that are peanut free. We have made it easy to find nutritionally dense formulas without peanut allergens.

  • Small Animal Food — Whether you are looking to feed your hamster, gerbil, rabbit, mouse, guinea pig, lab rat or pet rat, our Furry Beast of Field Blend has you covered. With this blend, we have created the highest quality food for your small animal.


Free Shipping on Gourmet Bird Food: Bulk Pricing Available

Whether you have one exotic bird or 10, Goldenfeast Direct makes saving money simpler. Buy bird food at bulk prices when you opt for our larger-sized, foil barrier bags. Simply choose the formula you love and select the Mini-Bulk option. Need even bigger sizing than what we have online? No problem! Contact us at 800-344-6536 or and let us help.

With free shipping to the contiguous United States on orders $99 and over, it’s easy to save even more. For orders under $99, we offer low flat-rate shipping for only $8.95.

The Best Choice for Nutritionally Dense, All-natural Food

The quality of our blends has earned Goldenfeast an industry-leading reputation and loyal customers. Isn’t it time you discovered why Goldenfeast should be your source for gourmet bird and small animal food?

Natural, complete nutrition. Stock up at Goldenfeast Direct today.