How do I properly store the Goldenfeast product while maintaining the products integrity?

The Goldenfeast gourmet line of exotic foods for exotic birds are shipped in oxygen purged, barrier proof packaging. Once the barrier seal is broken, the product requires refrigeration or freezing. The same protective Goldenfeast packaging can be used.

The refrigeration ensures product stability. Shelf life is good for up to 1 year in a sealed container. Longer storage than this diminishes the natural, nutritional value of the food, & can result in product staleness or freezer burn. Once moistened, Goldenfeast formulas may be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days in smaller, sealed containers or frozen for future feeding. Goldenfeast does not add any artificial vitamins, preservatives or colors.

Is repackaging of the Goldenfeast foods a good idea?

First and foremost, once a Goldenfeast bulk bag is broken down and repackaged, Goldenfeast cannot assume any responsibility for the contents. The principal reasons include the lack of a date code on the repackaged product, plus the possibility of product contamination. Additionally, the contents are no longer in an oxygen purged environment and the product will likely be placed in a standard non-barrier film bag.

Why do foods get buggy?

Most all foods contain microscopic insect eggs. These foods include the corn and wheat flour stored in a kitchen cabinet, to most grains, nuts, dried vegetables & some fruits. The insects are principally comprised of Indian meal moths, their larvae, plus weevils and beetles. These tiny creatures cannot survive in refrigeration, or more importantly, inside Goldenfeast packaging because there is no oxygen. However, in any food product that has been opened and not refrigerated, insects can and will become an issue within several weeks after the package is opened.

How do I prepare Nectargold Complete?

Nectargold can be fed dry, or moistened with juice or water. A non-citric juice is preferred such as grape juice, apple juice, cranberry juice or peach juice. You can feed pears, fig bars, fresh figs, and all types of muffins made with fruit (such as blueberries, cranberries, apricots and grapes). Should you purchase grape juice, get the natural product with no added sugar as there is adequate natural sweetener in the mixture. When feeding fruits, cut them in half or peel them. Very dark, ripened bananas are great, as are other fruit such as figs, apricots and peaches.

Lories and Lorikeets are omnivores, and in the wild will eat seeds, fruits and insects. So please consider that even the very nutritious Nectargold can be supplemented with regular parrot-type foods and grapes, etc. Of course, feed other foods separately until you can determine which has the greatest appeal. Lories and Lorikeets have healthy beaks which evolved to handle more than just ground or powdered food.

It says that I can mix Nectargold with blueberry or grape juice, but it doesn’t say anything about how much. Would apple or cranberry juice work as well? Should they be store bought, or should I go to a health food store and get something with less or no sugar?

The neat thing about birds and their omnivore eating characteristics is they are open to new types of foods. I would recommend more than one feeding cup in the cage to determine what they like. Customers report that the Nectargold can be fed dry or with added juice (make sure there is always a fresh water available). You can also try cooked oatmeal, different nutritious cereals, even pasta with sauce. Many of the Goldenfeast foods can be fed dry to your Lori or instant cooked following the easy recipe following the ingredient listing. When feeding only the Nectargold, start with a heaping tablespoon. See first if your Lory likes Nectargold dry. If your Lory resists eating the product dry, add two tablespoons of juice to one tablespoon of Nectargold and see how the food is liked.

A friend said I should put it into the freezer after I open it or I will get bugs. Is that true?

Regarding refrigeration, though Nectargold is not as prone to getting buggy nearly as much as other parrot foods, it is recommended the product be refrigerated in the barrier bag it comes in to ensure nutritional freshness. It is not necessary to freeze the product. When added to juice Nectargold can be retained in a refrigerated covered container for several days.

How long will Nectargold last?

The 25-ounce bag will last a while, especially when supplemented with other foods.