A Big Goldenfeast Thank You to Avian Rescues

Because of the long lifetimes and the special needs of many exotic birds, occasionally parrots find themselves without a home. This can be from a variety of reasons. Perhaps the original owners level of income has changed, or they must move into a space that cannot accommodate the needs (or sounds!) of an exotic pet bird. Other reasons range from the death of an owner or perhaps someone just not being able to take care of their parrot anymore due to age or illness. Sometimes these birds are simply found outside, either from being abandoned or from escaping and are left disconnected from their owners and without a place to go.

At Goldenfeast, we love to hear about all the non-profit organizations that help exotic birds during these times when they need it most. Any situation where a parrot has been suddenly uprooted, disconnected from their owner or abandoned, can be very stressful. It is absolutely vital to get them into a stable and healthy environment as soon as possible.

For 25 years, Goldenfeast has forged many relationships with registered avian rescue and placement facilities. We try and support as many of these organizations as possible with food donations and discounted prices on bulk orders. We know how important it is for exotic birds to receive the proper nutrition; especially when life gets stressful! Goldenfeast understands how hard it is to be a registered 501c3 organization and we appreciate this vital work they do in our avian community.

At Goldenfeast, we have been amazed at the stories we have received throughout the years about birds that were taken in malnourished or stressed and the magical transformations that have occurred. It’s truly wonderful what love, caring and a little help from Goldenfeast can accomplish. We like to think of our blends as being a parrots warm cup of soup to help comfort them in these times they need support the most. With the many cooked blends we offer, we believe it’s truly the next best thing!

One of the most recent events we donated to supported the work of the New Hope Avian Education and Rescue Center in Marietta, Ohio. The group serves it’s wider avian community in a variety of ways including helping to reunite lost birds with their owners, lost owners with their birds and helping facilitate placement for exotic birds that need a new home. At New Hope Avian Education and Rescue Center, they go to great lengths to find the best possible home for a companion bird.

Twice a year, they hold the Featherific Bird Expo to raise funds and awareness for their work. The next one will be held on April 3rd, 2016 and again on September 18th, 2016. For more information, please visit www.featherificbirdexpo.com. If you live in the live in the area or are passing through, be sure to connect with them.

Thank you so much to all the non-profits doing avian rescue. Keep up the good work!


A raffle winner with Goldenfeast donated goodies supporting the New Hope Avian Education and Rescue Center at the Featherific Bird Expo, 2015

Goldenfeast Raffle Winner At Featherific Bird Expo


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