About Us and Our Gourmet Bird Food

For nearly 25 years, Goldenfeast Incorporated has formulated wholesome, natural, exotic bird food with an unwavering commitment to quality. Founded by pet nutrition expert Edward J. Schmitt, Goldenfeast products emphasize the importance of a healthy diet in the pursuit of holistic pet health. From exotic bird food formulas to blends created for wild songbirds, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals, Goldenfeast is renowned in the pet food industry for developing the finest feeds on the market.


Our Small Animal and Bird Products

Just like people, birds and other small animals thrive when fed a diet comprised of healthy nutrients. Getting your bird or small animal the nutrition it needs isn’t always easy with generic feed. Poor quality ingredients, fillers, synthetic vitamins, preservatives and other unwanted additions may cost less, but they don’t provide the balanced diet you expect. When you want your exotic bird, songbirds or small animal to eat as nutritiously as possibly, choose Goldenfeast.

At Goldenfeast, avian and small animal nutrition is our passion. “Always to improve, never to cheapen” is our motto. We promise to formulate the finest gourmet bird food and small animal food blends using nutritionally dense superfoods that mimic the natural diets of birds and small animals. Goldenfeast never incorporates synthetic vitamins into our formulas, because our nutritionally complete meals don’t need them. When you buy bird food and small animal food from us, you’ll get everything you need in the formula you choose.

Read our ingredient labels to see for yourself why Goldenfeast is the industry leader. You’ll find spices and herbs such as whole cinnamon and hibiscus flower. You’ll find spirulina, noted for its immunity-boosting, inflammation-easing properties. In addition, you’ll also find shelled and in-shell tree nuts, seeds and whole grains. With dehydrated vegetables, bee pollen and probiotics— plus a minimum of 15 varieties of fruits — our products for birds and small animals provide the best nutrition available in a bag.

The Best Ingredients

Goldenfeast is notable not just for what we incorporate in our formulas, but also for what we don’t. We are constantly researching avian and small pet nutrition to improve our formulas to make sure your pet is receiving the dense variety of nutrients they need. Goldenfeast blends also use organic ingredients whenever possible, because we believe eliminating chemicals from feed makes animals healthier. Looking for added vitamins? We don’t have to add synthetic vitamins, because our products contain everything your animal demands to thrive naturally. Our blends look and smell delicious —not only because of the fine quality of ingredients but because of how we package them. Goldenfeast is known as an industry leader in freshness, using the best packaging and oxygen purging system that maintains the quality of your pet’s food until the day you open it. Preservatives are not only unhealthy and never added in our foods, they are not necessary because of the care we take in our production and packaging. No wonder animals love our products!

We now offer an 18 month Best If Used By Date.  Always remember, Goldenfeast products must be refrigerated after opening!

Goldenfeast Pet Foods Is the Industry Leader for Nutritionally Dense, All-Natural Food

Our commitment to quality is renowned and it’s why our loyal customers return to us again and again. With the highest quality bird food and small animal food in the business — and free shipping on orders over $99* at Goldenfeast Direct — you’re sure to love Goldenfeast!

*Additional fees apply for Hawaii and West Coast states.