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Buy Exotic Bird Food at Bulk Prices

Goldenfeast formulates the finest bird food blends in the industry. Our products are free of preservatives and synthetic vitamins and they contain organic ingredients whenever possible. Whenever you buy our natural food for your exotic bird, you are providing your pet with the nutritionally dense feed he needs to live a healthier life.

Search Our Most Popular Products

Open a bag of our exotic bird food and you will see why Goldenfeast is the clear leader in quality. You’ll notice that our blends look and smells delicious. All of our products contain an incredible blend of nuts, whole grains, dehydrated fruits, herbs, spices, and more. Each blend we formulate offers the diverse variety of nutrients your bird needs. You’ll appreciate that we create different products targeted to your species of bird. From all-natural parrot food to our conure gourmet blend, Goldenfeast knows birds.

Our most popular products include:

  • Australian Blend — Perfect for small exotics, this aromatic blend of fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, bee pollen and hemp seed contains no artificial flavors, colors or synthetic vitamins.
  • Conure Gourmet Blend — Featuring over 40 ingredients, we formulated this blend for conures and other small-to-medium sized parrots. Buy parrot food in bulk and save!
  • Central American Preservation Blend II — This complete-nutrition formula is perfect for small-to-medium sized hookbills, including Parrotlets and Amazons. Watch as your bird forages through the variety of ingredients, just like they would in nature.
  • Caribbean Bounty — The ultimate nutritious treat for medium and large exotics, this supplement offers the variety your bird needs to achieve optimum health.

Try Something New

Exotic Birds are highly intelligent and long living animals. Variety is essential for the health and wellbeing of your bird. That’s why Goldenfeast blends use over 250 ingredients in order to contain the nutrition your exotic bird needs.

Are you a Schmitt’s Original fan? Try Goldn’obles to add an organic twist to your bird’s diet. Try a new formula created just for hookbills or a peanut-free formula for your medium or large exotic. The blends from Goldenfeast look and smell so delicious you might be tempted to try them yourself!

Free Shipping and Wholesale Prices for Large Volume Buyers

Now you can buy our most popular bird food blends at great prices — and get free shipping! Just select the Mini-Bulk option. If your order totals more than $99, you won’t have to pay for shipping to the contiguous United States (additional fees apply for Hawaii and West Coast states).

Looking to buy bulk exotic bird food? If you need more bird food than provided by the Mini-Bulk or would like to sell Goldenfeast products through your store or sales network, contact us at 1-610-935-9750 or at

Make Goldenfeast Direct your source for the best bird food today!

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