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Premium Exotic Bird Food

At Goldenfeast, we understand that birds are intelligent animals that require diets comprised of a variety of dense nutrients. Our wholesome, all natural approach to avian nutrition incorporates delicious ingredients, such as dehydrated fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts, superfoods, legumes, spices and herbs. You’ll appreciate how we customize our exotic and wild bird food for the needs of different varieties of birds. Whether you need premium parrot food, or you’d like to attract more songbirds to your garden, Goldenfeast can help.

A group of Blue and Gold Macaws enjoying the day.

A group of Blue and Gold Macaws enjoying the day.

Our Complete Product Line

When you open a bag of bird food from Goldenfeast, you’ll understand why we have earned a reputation for having the highest quality ingredients in our products. Our wild and exotic bird food blends often contain over 50 natural ingredients each! You will love the look and smell of our products and appreciate why we don’t use fillers, preservatives or synthetic vitamins. We also use a variety of organic ingredients. Our products are simply the best bird safe food for your pet. Goldenfeast exotic and wild bird food is so nutritionally dense, your pet will be feeling and looking their best.

Our product line includes:

  • Basics Plus and Basic Plus Conditioning — Available in specialized formulas for cockatiels, parakeets and parrots, the Basics Plus line is our “affordable gourmet” option. These blends have many of the same high quality ingredients featured in our other gourmet blends. Each formula features the variety of nutrients your bird requires to achieve optimal health.
  • Premium parrot food — Goldenfeast offers many types of parrot foods made only with wholesome, all-natural ingredients. Search by bird type and see the incredible variety we offer! From large parrots to parrotlets, Goldenfeast keeps your bird healthier.
  • Blends formulated for hookbills — When it comes to balanced nutrition, no other brand can match Goldenfeast. Whether you have lovebirds or an Amazon, you’ll appreciate the quality of our hookbill food.
  • Bird food for small, medium and large exotics — Whether you just purchased your first parakeet, or you’re an experienced exotic bird owner, Goldenfeast has the bird food blend for you.


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When it comes to the finest, premium bird food on the market, Goldenfeast can’t be beat. Browse our incredible selection of blends and give your bird the nutrition they deserve today!

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