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Premium African Grey Parrot Food

This gray, medium-sized parrot is native to the dense forests of equatorial Africa. The African Gray makes for a popular bet bird and can live for up to 60 years in captivity. These sensitive and intelligent birds are extremely capable speakers and many believe these birds can have the intelligence of a kindergartener. Owners of African Grey parrots claim the experience is so extraordinary that it isn’t like having a pet — but more like sharing a lifetime with a beautiful, loving companion.

The African Grey parrot is a playful and joyful bird that requires ample social interaction. In addition to a large square cage and plenty of toys, your African Grey will need lots of time outside, preferably in a social environment. These active birds need plenty of space to climb and they especially love horizontal bars.

Because of their long life, it is best to feed your African Grey a diet that will support their long-term health. You must feed them a diet that does not contain artificial colors or flavors. The use of synthetic vitamin supplements is also not advisable as African Gray’s can develop health problems from their use. Rather than feeding your African Gray unnatural additives, it is best to source a food that is diverse, balanced and all natural like one of the many Goldenfeast blends. Goldenfeast is delighted to share our specially formulated blends that are perfect for your African Grey, the companion of a lifetime!

Our Complete Line of African Grey Food Blends

Goldenfeast blends never contain synthetic vitamins, artificial colors or added preservatives. We’re proud to be the finest supplier of high quality, exotic bird foods in the industry! Our blends include:

  • Bonita Loco Pretty Crazy Nut Blend – This peanut-free blend features unusual fruits, nuts and beans.

  • California Blend – A complete nutrition formula with over 30 wholesome ingredients created just for medium to large parrots. Contains fruits, beans, nuts and more.

  • Conure Gourmet Blend – We customize our Conure blend to meet the precise nutritional needs of your African Grey parrot.

  • Fruits and Nuts Plus – A delicious and aromatic complete nutrition formula containing over 60 vegetables, nuts, herbs and fruits.

  • Healthy Treats – Give your African Grey targeted superfood nutrition with spirulina, or offer yummy pine nuts just for fun!

  • Schmitt’s II Nuts In Shell Formula – This fun-to-eat formula contains no peanuts but plenty of yummy in-shell nuts, fruits and vegetables.

  • Bean Supreme – Give your African Grey a cooked, legume treat with the Bean Supreme blend. Also contains dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

  • Caribbean Bounty – This best of the best treat contains dozens of flavorful and nutritious whole foods. Serve Caribbean Bounty natural or cooked.

  • Central American Preservation Blend II – Does your African Grey love to forage? Give it this complete nutrition formula with over 50 ingredients.

  • Gardenflora – Whether you’re supplementing or weaning, Gardenflora is a terrific choice. Contains dehydrated beans, fruits and vegetables. Date coded for freshness.

  • Goldn’obles I and II – Our popular complete nutrition formulas contain no GMOs, corn or peanuts. With over 50 ingredients, there is something for every bird to love in Goldn’obles!

  • Hookbill Legume Blend – Formulated specifically for hookbills, this legume blend offers complete nutrition in the form of dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Date coded for freshness.

  • Madagascar Delite – Perfect for medium-to-large parrots, this complete nutrition formula is a customer favorite. It contains over 50 wholesome herbs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans. Serve natural or cooked.

  • Nutmeats & Fruit – This gourmet blend of more than 25 nuts and freeze-dried or dehydrated fruits makes a delicious supplement.

  • Schmitt’s Original – The original blend that started it all: This complete nutrition formula will keep your African Grey nourished and satisfied with no synthetic vitamins or coloring, and lots of flavor!

  • South American Preservation Blend I – Quick cook or feed natural this peanut-free formula containing over 45 ingredients. Perfect for all parrots!

  • Tropic Fruit Pudding Blend II – Blend this formula with juice to give your African Grey a special smoothie or pudding treat. An all-natural supplement!

  • Veggie Crisp Delite – Try this delicious and nutritious vegetable supplement.

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