Premium Canary Food

Canaries are lovely and gentle songbirds that are perfect for beginning bird owners. They adapt well to captivity and are happy in small spaces, including a cage. Canaries may look delicate, but they are surprisingly tough and easygoing around children. They come in a wide variety of colors and varieties such as the Red Factor Canary, Border Fancy Canary and the Norwich Canary. Many owners prefer to buy a male canary as he will still sing when alone. Females also sing, although the female’s song is not as strong as the male’s.

Canaries have been popular as pets for hundreds of years and were once used in coal mines to detect dangerous fumes. Canaries require much less hands-on care than many other parrot varieties, but they inspire intense devotion in their owners. Unlike other varieties of bird that prefer constant companionship, the canary usually needs to live alone. Canaries can be quite territorial. The life expectancy of a canary generally depends on what on the bread. Males generally live much longer then females and can live up to 15 years in captivity. To keep your canary in optimal health for a long and song filled life, a sound diet is absolutely essential.

Our Complete Line of Canary Bird Food

Goldenfeast formulates complete nutrition and supplemental varieties that are perfect for your canary.

Our product line includes:

  • Australian Blend — Give your canary all the nutrients he needs with this complete formula. Our gourmet blend contains no artificial flavors or synthetic vitamins — we created it with the needs of small exotics in mind. Your canary will love this delicious-looking and tasty-smelling blend of herbs, fruits, spices, bee pollen, probiotics, vegetables and hemp seeds. You’ll appreciate how we date-stamp our packaging for freshness!

  • Healthy Treats — What better way to give your canary a treat than with such Healthy Treat items like nutrient-dense Pine Nuts or Spirulina? These superfoods are a delicious and healthy way to treat your canary.

  • Gardenflora Blend — The Gardenflora blend is the ideal choice for canary weaning and supplementation. Free from synthetic vitamins, colors and flavors, Gardenflora contains cooked, dehydrated vegetables for better absorption of nutrients. We date-stamp it for freshness.

  • Goldn’obles II and III — Give your canary the very best food made with organic ingredients. Free from peanuts and corn, Goldn’obles makes the perfect nutritious food for baby canaries when blended with organic peanut butter or almond butter. We date-stamp it for freshness.

  • Petite Hookbill Legume — Designed specifically for small hook billed birds, our legume formula contains over 50 ingredients! Peanut-free and all-natural, we date-stamp every bag for freshness.


Buy Bulk Bird Food and Save

Goldenfeast makes saving money on premium canary food easy. Select the Mini-Bulk option and get the biggest value. If your order totals more than $99, you’ll earn free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States. Need to place a large wholesale canary food order? Call Goldenfeast directly at 1-800-344-6536 or email us at for the best possible pricing.

Make Goldenfeast your source for high-quality canary nutrition today!

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