Premium Cockatiel Food

If you’ve made the cockatiel your bird of choice, then you’ve just joined the most popular bird club in America. Cockatiels are affectionate, friendly and funny birds with a distinctive whistle — whether your cockatiel is whistling at you or his reflection in the mirror behind you is a different story! Cockatiels are active foragers and cuddlers, and they adapt beautifully to living with families and in small spaces. You can identify your cockatiel’s mood by watching his feathers. Beak grinding indicates a relaxed mood rather than stress, but flat crest (head) feathers accompanied by hissing indicates anxiety.

Cockatiels are social birds that appreciate company as well as gentle physical interaction. Cockatiels are avid chewers and breakers, and your bird probably loves to munch on toys or anything he thinks is a toy. Pay close attention if your cockatiel isn’t in his cage, because these birds love to fly to the ground, a habit they practice in the wild when foraging for food. Cockatiels prefer larger cages with many perches and toys. Keeping food on the base of the cage appeals to your cockatiel’s natural feeding instincts. If you want to try and create a bit of foraging fun for your Cockatiels, try placing your favorite Goldenfeast blend on the floor of their cage. You can also blend a few different types of Goldenfeast together to really spice things up. Try it and watch how much they enjoy the experience!

Our Complete Line of Cockatiel Bird Food

Goldenfeast Foods has formulated the finest natural bird food in the industry for nearly 25 years. Our blends include complete-nutrition formulas as well as supplemental treats that will keep your cockatiel healthy and thriving. Try our blends and see how much your cockatiel will love them!

Our product line includes:

  • Basics Plus — Our Basics Plus formula for cockatiels contains a wide range of nutrient-dense ingredients. Created especially for the needs of cockatiels, you’ll find everything from sunflower seeds and pecan granola to dehydrated papaya, carrots and green cabbage. It contains no artificial dyes or preservatives.

  • Conure Gourmet Blend — Our gourmet blend includes over 40 ingredients that your conure or cockatiel will love foraging for and eating.

  • Healthy Treats — Add our Healthy Treats Pine Nut’s or Spirulina supplemental formulas to your cockatiel’s diet. Who says treats can’t be healthy?

  • Tropic Fruit IV Bits & Pieces — This gourmet blend of over 30 ingredients is ideal for small hook billed birds such as the cockatiels. It contains no peanuts or corn fillers, and we date-stamp it for freshness.

  • Australian Blend — Another complete-nutrition formula created especially for small exotics, your cockatiel will love the tasty fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices and hemp seeds.

  • Gardenflora Blend — Use Gardenflora as a cockatiel supplement or as a weaning formula. This blend contains plenty of fruits and vegetables plus cooked, dehydrated beans. Our Gardenflora does not contain any synthetic vitamins, colors or flavors!

  • Goldn’obles II and III — If you want bird food made from organic ingredients, look no further than Goldn’obles. Our most popular food is free from peanuts and corn, and when blended with the nut butter of your choice, it makes an ideal nutrition solution for baby cockatiels.

  • Petite Hookbill Legume — Our gourmet legume formula contains over 50 ingredients to stimulate your exotic bird’s senses. We date-stamp our legume blend for freshness.


Buy the Best All-natural, Gourmet Pet Bird Food

Buy a formula in Mini-Bulk, and you’ll save on our value-oriented prices. If your order totals more than $99, you’ll get free shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States!

With all-natural ingredients and our long-standing reputation in the industry, it’s time to make Goldenfeast your source for cockatiel nutrition. Try one of our blends today!

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