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Colorful and comical, the conure is a popular pet bird group comprised of small to medium sized parrots native to South America. The sun conure, jenday conure, blue crowned conure, red masked conure, green cheeked conure and the patagonian conure are just a few of the pet conure species in this large and diverse group. Depending on the species, the size of the conure ranges from small to medium. A common trait in this large family of birds is their long and distinct tail feathers. As a conure owner, you already know these curious and playful birds need plenty of activity and interaction during the day — you may have trained your conure to speak, dance, perform a trick or cuddle!

The conure’s bold and active nature means creating the right home habitat is essential. You’ll need a large cage that will accommodate toys as well as a water dish — but be careful, because chances are strong you’ll find your water-loving conure bathing instead of drinking. It’s a great idea to offer your conure a place to take a birdbath or occasionally spray them lightly with a hose to give the same effect. If you notice your conure plucking at their feathers then you may need to add more toys and exercise to your pet’s daily routine.

In order to help your conure thrive, you’ll need a diverse, high-quality food that satisfies the complex dietary needs of your pet. A balanced and diverse diet of wholesome grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds is recommended.

Conure’s do best when they have plenty of playful and interactive stimulation as well as an outlet to constantly be chewing. Your conure’s light build masks a strong beak, so sourcing food that offers plenty of chewing activity is vital. Goldenfeast foods provide many great options to keep your pet conure entertained, healthy and happy and be part of creating the best environment for your bird to thrive.


Our Complete Line of Conure Gourmet Blends

Goldenfeast formulates several options for your conure that provide the diverse nutrients it needs to flourish.

Our product line includes:

  • Bonita Loco Pretty Crazy Nut Blend – Dozens of non-traditional nuts, fruits and beans blend deliciously in this nutritional supplement. Peanut-free!

  • Conure Gourmet Blend – Goldenfeast’s customized conure blend will satisfy and delight your bird.

  • Healthy Treats – Add spirulina or pine nuts to your conure’s diet for an extra healthy treat!

  • Schmitt’s II Nuts In Shell Formula – This peanut-free formula contains in-shell nuts and fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains. Fun to eat and delicious!

  • Australian Blend – Fruits, herbs, spices, vegetables, bee pollen, hemp seed and more make this complete nutrition formula a popular choice for small exotics.

  • Bean Supreme – This complete nutrition formula is best when served cooked. It contains a variety of dehydrated beans, fruits and vegetables you can easily cook to perfection for your bird!

  • Caribbean Bounty – The absolute best in nutritious treats for your bird, Caribbean Bounty contains over 35 wholesome ingredients. Serve natural or cooked.

  • Central American Preservation Blend II – A complete nutrition formula with over 50 ingredients that’s fun to eat as well as delicious! It’s a great choice for birds that love to forage.

  • Gardenflora – A terrific supplement and weaning food that contains dehydrated fruits, vegetables, herbs and beans. Date coded for freshness.

  • Goldn’obles I and II – Our complete nutrition formulas with over 50 ingredients contain no peanuts, corn or GMOs. Date coded for freshness.

  • Hookbill Legume Blend – This complete nutrition blend contains dozens of wholesome, dehydrated fruit and vegetable ingredients. Date coded for freshness.

  • Tropic Fruit Pudding Blend II – An all-natural supplement made with dehydrated fruits. Blend with juice to make fruit smoothies and pudding treats.

  • Veggie Crisp Delite – A delicious and nutritious supplement featuring over 20 different vegetables. Contains no artificial dyes or flavors.


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With no synthetic vitamins or artificial colors and flavors, Goldenfeast is your source for the tastiest, most nutritious pet and wild bird food. Buy in mini-bulk to save more and get free shipping when you spend more than $99 dollars!

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Give your conure the nutritious diet it deserves today!

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