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Small Animal and Exotic Bird Food for Sale

Goldenfeast develops diverse, nutrient-dense small animal and parrot food mixes that contain all-natural ingredients and no synthetic vitamins. Your pet’s health will thrive when eating Goldenfeast products. You will also find our premiere, nutritionally complete, small animal food formula Furry Beasts of Field Blend that will nourish the total health of your little pet. All of our formulas look and smell delicious and are time-stamped for freshness — great taste is why pet birds and small animals love Goldenfeast!

Products and Selection

Our selection of featured bird and small animal food blends includes:

  • Furry Beasts of Field Blend – A Goldenfeast Complete Nutrition formula, our premier small animal food is the best in pellet nutrition and features over 50 ingredients. This blend is perfect for hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, gerbils and pet rats. Furry Beasts of Field Blend contains organic ingredients and no corn, wheat, artificial dyes or synthetic vitamins! This formula is truly the ultimate in gourmet, small animal food.

  • Goldn’obles I, II and III – A Goldenfeast Complete Nutrition Extruded Formula for your parrot that contains over 50 wholesome ingredients, available in 3 different pet bird sizes. Made without artificial colors or synthetic vitamins, Goldn’obles is the perfect extruded food for all exotic birds — blend Goldn’obles with organic cashew, almond or peanut butter to make a nutritious food or treat for baby exotic birds!

  • Hookbill mixes for small and large birds– Hookbills have specific nutritional needs that include eating foods that present an interesting and engaging challenge for their sharp, curved beaks. Goldenfeast’s hookbill mixes include dehydrated vegetables and fruits, nuts, and cooked, dehydrated beans for better nutritional absorption. With no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or synthetic vitamins, you can count on Goldenfeast to give your pet hookbill the diverse, stimulating nutrition they need.

  • Schmitt’s Original – Named after exotic bird food blend pioneer, Goldenfeast founder Ed Schmitt, Goldenfeast Schmitt’s Original is one of our customer favorites. This Goldenfeast Complete Nutrition formula features a delicious variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and wholesome grains.

  • Food for wild birds – Attract a variety of wild songbirds to your yard all while giving them the very best nutrition with Goldenfeast Wild Bird Food I and II blends. By using such high quality and diverse foods for wild birds, you will be delighted and astounded at the diversity of wild birds that are attracted to your yard throughout the year

  • Fresh snacks made with whole foods that satisfy nutritional needs – Pet Birds and small animals of all kind love a tasty snack. Check out our supplemental blends, including Veggie Crisp Delite, Healthy Treats Carob Almonds, Healthy Treats Yogurt Raisins and more.

  • Highest quality bird safe food – We process all of our foods in a bird free facility and use only the highest quality, best bird safe manufacturing practices. Goldenfeast takes bird safety as seriously as we take nutrition. Although imitated by others in the industry, for 25 years nothing can beat the Goldenfeast diversity of ingredients and the quality of our blends. We have been producing the best safe bird store blends available, sold direct to a wide variety of avian shops and to our clients here at Goldenfeast Direct. We do not risk the health of your beloved pet by allowing clients to repackage our products because Goldenfeast wants to keep your pet healthy and safe!

Get Free Shipping on Wholesale Orders

Saving money on our featured blends just got easier. Goldenfeast offers low flat rate shipping on all orders under $99. Need to order more? Choose the Mini-Bulk option during checkout! If you live in the lower 48 states and your order exceeds $99 then you will earn free shipping! If you are a bird breeder or store owner and would like to purchase larger wholesale sizes or quantity, just call us at 800-344-6536, or email Goldenfeast@GoldenfeastDirect.com and let us help.

Stock up on the delicious and nutritious foods your pet needs at Goldenfeast today!

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