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Premium Finch Food

The independent, beautiful and easygoing finch is a wonderful pet bird choice for the avian enthusiast who is not ready to cater to the care demands required by a parrot. The finch’s sweet vocalizations make it a suitable choice for the bird owner with close neighbors — or one who doesn’t appreciate the loud calls of many larger birds.

There are many varieties of finches that make great pet companions. The Zebra Finch, Canary and Gouldian Finch are just a few varieties in this large and diverse family.

Finches need lots of space to roam, jump and fly and love having a larger cage to give them the space they need. They also prefer living with other finches and do best in small flocks. Just check first with your breeder, as some varieties of finches don’t pair well with others.

Goldenfeast develops and manufactures the highest quality finch food available. Our basic and gourmet blends contain delicious and aromatic whole foods, but never synthetic vitamins, artificial flavors or colors. You also won’t find the fillers many of our competitor’s use that add “bulk” to foods but provide few nutrients. Make Goldenfeast your source for the complete nutrition your finch needs!

Our Complete Line of Finch Food for Sale

Your finch’s beak is specially designed to chew seeds, however just feeding your finch a seed diet is not healthy. Our bird food formulas contain dozens of healthy and balanced ingredients that will help your pet thrive. Our product line includes:

  • Basics Plus Canary and Conditioning Blends – Our Basics Plus Canary and Conditioning formulas contain many of the same ingredients you’ll find in our gourmet blends but for a lower price! The nutrients in these seeds, herbs and vegetables offer complete nutrition for your finch and contain no preservatives.

  • Healthy Treats – Spirulina is the blue-green algae superfood birds of all kinds love! It’s a healthy, nutrient-packed treat your finch will enjoy eating.

  • Tropic Fruit IV Bits & Pieces – This gourmet blend of more than 30 ingredients contains no peanuts and offers loads of delicious, dehydrated fruits. This is a great supplement to be added to one of our Complete Nutrition blends.

  • Australian Blend -Designed just for small exotics, the Australian Blend contains aromatic herbs and spices plus dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Date stamped for freshness, this blend also contains bee pollen and hemp seed.

  • Gardenflora Blend – The ideal blend for supplementation and weaning. Gardenflora contains fruits, vegetables and dehydrated beans for better absorption.

  • Goldn’obles II and III-We pack over 60 organic foods in our Goldn’obles blends. These date-stamped formulas make perfect baby bird food when blended and combined with nut butters.

  • Petite Hookbill Legume – Our delicious complete nutrition formula contains over 50 wholesome ingredients. Contains no peanuts and is date stamped for freshness.

Buy Bird Food for Finches in Bulk and Get Free Shipping

Best of all, when you order finch food in Mini-Bulk you’ll get bigger savings. Order more than $99 dollars worth and you’ll get free shipping! If you need to place a large order, call us at 800-344-6536 or email us at for even better pricing. Make Goldenfeast your source for finch food today!

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