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Premium Bird Treats

Who doesn’t love a little treat? At Goldenfeast, we’ve formulated several Healthy Treats designed to enhance the intellect and vitality of your exotic avian pet or wild bird flock. Like our complete nutrition formulas, Healthy Treats from Goldenfeast contain no preservatives and no artificial dyes. You also won’t find synthetic vitamins; because at Goldenfeast, we believe birds need all natural nutrition — not chemicals developed in a lab. Doesn’t your feathered friend deserve the best exotic bird food available today? Make Healthy Treats your choice and give your bird the high quality nutritional supplement he deserves!

Healthy Treats From Goldenfeast

Open a Healthy Treats package from Goldenfeast and you’ll see why we’ve earned a reputation as the best gourmet exotic bird treat manufacturer today. You’ll love that we date-stamp every package for freshness, and that every Healthy Treats product includes whole, all natural ingredients.

Our Healthy Treats include:

  • Carob Almonds – Give your medium or larger sized parrot the treat they have been waiting for! Goldenfeast coats the highest quality almonds with carob, a bird-safe chocolate that’s delicious and nutritious. Rich in minerals and protein, this Goldenfeast Healthy Treat can tame even the naughtiest macaw!

  • Yogurt Almonds – This probiotic-rich parrot treat gives your larger parrot a delicious and nutritious activity! Let your Macaw, African Grey or Cockatoo have all the fun they deserve by munching on this Healthy Treat.

  • Yogurt Drops – Our Yogurt Drops contain protein and probiotics and make a terrific treat for medium-to-larger sized pet birds. Try Yogurt Drops for your African Grey, Amazon, cockatiel, cockatoo, conure, lovebird, macaw or parrotlet.

  • Yogurt Raisins – Packed with protein, probiotics, and iron, medium-to-large birds love “beaking” through our Yogurt Raisins. These yummy snacks are the perfect blend of healthy and treat!

  • Spirulina – This nutrient-dense superfood, made from blue-green algae, fortifies total avian health. Spirulina contains protein, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Plus, our Spirulina comes from California farmers that use organic cultivation techniques that are free from pesticides and GMOs.

  • Pine Nuts – One of the most popular ingredients in our Goldenfeast Complete Nutrition Blends, Healthy Treats Pine Nuts gives your bird more of what they love. This gourmet-quality treat is perfect for small to larger sized birds. Give your bird this incredible superfood, rich in iron, beta-carotene, fiber, protein, vitamins and more!

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Who doesn’t want to save money? Add Healthy Treats to your Goldenfeast Direct order and if it totals more than $99, you’ll get free shipping. Need to buy a large quantity of Healthy Treats? No problem. Call us at 800-344-6536 or email us at and get even better pricing.

For nearly 25 years, Goldenfeast has produced the highest quality exotic and wild bird foods on the market. Give your bird the delicious and nutritious treat he deserves with Goldenfeast today!

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