Lovebird Food

Goldenfeast develops exotic bird nutrition using all-natural, wholesome ingredients that are free from artificial colors, preservatives, and synthetic vitamins. You will find diverse, nutritionally complete lovebird food made with organic vegetables and fruits and healthy snacks that feature yummy wholesome foods. All of our ingredients are human grade and come from only the finest sources. Give your lovebird the delicious and nutritious food they crave with Goldenfeast.

What to Know About Lovebirds

Lovebirds are affectionate, small parrots that need companionship whether human or avian. Although your lovebird can thrive with daily, dedicated attention, Lovebirds will also form a monogamous pair when partnered with another lovebird. Watch that you always handle your lovebird gently, as they can become aggressive. You’ll know you’ve succeeded in bonding with your lovebird when they snuggle near you and preen their boldly colored feathers! Count yourself especially lucky if your lovebird talks, as most learn to mimic human sound at an early age.

To keep your lovebird happy, interact with them frequently, over several hours a day if possible. If this is not possible, you may wish to pair your lovebird with another Lovebird as this will give them constant playtime. Lovebirds enjoy mirrors, toys, and lots of exercise. If you plan to leave the house for a longer period of time, leaving a radio or television playing helps your lovebird avoid boredom — and self-destructive behaviors. In addition to feeding them Goldenfeast, access to a birdbath and plenty of sun, is also a great way to keep your lovebird happy and healthy.

The Lovebird Diet

Lovebirds need a nutritionally dense diet comprised of a wide variety of foods to reach their full intellectual and physical potential. Industry leader Goldenfeast has made the highest quality lovebird foods for nearly 25 years. Some of our blends include:

  • Mixes that feature delicious and nutritious whole foods – Our complete nutrition formulas look and smell fantastic — and birds love them! From Conure Gourmet to the Central American Preservation Blend II, Goldenfeast has a lovebird formula you’ll be tempted to try yourself.

  • Healthy Treats – Keep your lovebird in peak condition with delicious and nutritious treats from Goldenfeast! Choose from spirulina, Goldenfeast Carob Almonds, Pine Nut’s, Yogurt Raisins and Yogurt Drop treats.

  • Goldn’obles – Made with over 50 ingredients, Goldn’obles is a complete nutrition formula that contains organic ingredients and no artificial colors, preservatives or synthetic vitamins.

  • Hookbill mixes – Keep your lovebird stimulated with a hookbill blend from Goldenfeast. You’ll love that our hookbill blends feature cooked, dehydrated beans for better nutrient absorption.

  • Lovebird safe bird food – Goldenfeast manufactures a variety of bird safe foods for your Lovebird. We have been producing the best safe bird store blends available, sold direct to a wide variety of avian shops and to our clients here at Goldenfeast Direct. We will never risk the health of your Lovebird by allowing clients to imitate our blends so they can repackage our products. Our top concern at Goldenfeast has and always will be to keep all of your birds safe and in top nutrition.

Great Prices and Free Shipping on Large Orders

Our customers return to us again and again because they know they can count on us for the diverse, nutrient-dense foods they need at great bulk pricing. Order from Goldenfeast and you’ll get low cost fixed rate shipping under $99 and free shipping on orders over $99. Choose the Mini-Bulk option for the best deal! If you need to place an even bigger order, just call us at 800-344-6536 or email us at

Give your lovebird the nutrition he deserves with Goldenfeast today!


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