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Premium Macaw Bird Food

Widely considered the king of the parrot family, macaws are truly beautiful and majestic creatures. Macaws are native to the jungles of Central and South America and spend their days roaming in large groups foraging for food. The Scarlet Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw and Green Wing Macaw are all common pet macaw varieties. Less common is the largest of all parrot species, the beautiful cobalt blue Hyacinth Macaw. Breeders have been increasingly crossbreeding macaw varieties and there are now a variety of “hybrid macaws” available. The novice bird enthusiast pictures the macaw when thinking about a parrot. Aficionados recognize these extraordinary birds as the largest of the colorful rainforest-dwelling species, and these lively and intelligent pets have personalities as bold as their feathering.

With noisy voices and fresh attitudes, the macaw’s bright demeanor accents its loving and playful side. With plenty of space to roam, lots of chew toys and available food to forage, your macaw can live a long, active and healthy lifestyle.

Many macaw owners teach their birds to talk, whistle and mimic funny noises. Because macaws are large, lively and loud, they’re most suitable for homes where there is plenty of space and lots of toys — but few nearby neighbors. Macaws love to forage for food and these lively companion birds need foods that let them use their formidable claws and beaks. Due to their love of ripping with their beaks, the right food can not only nourish your macaw, it can provide a tremendous source of entertainment and brain stimulation for these highly intelligent birds. Without the right level of activity and engagement, macaws can become very stressed. They may start such destructive behaviors as feather plucking and can escalate to becoming depressed and start “acting out”, becoming unruly and unapproachable. Goldenfeast foods understand these complex and beautiful creatures and we design our blends to support macaw’s physical and mental health.

Our Complete Line of Specialty Bird Food Blends

Goldenfeast is the industry leader in high quality exotic bird foods. Our large parrot formulas include:

  • Bonita Loco Pretty Crazy Nut Blend – Give your macaw something different with this peanut-free blend that features numerous hard-to-find fruits, nuts and beans.

  • California Blend – With over 30 wholesome ingredients, this complete nutrition formula was created just for medium-to-large parrots. Contains in-shell nuts, fruits, beans and more.

  • Colossal Parrot Food – A Complete Nutrition formula for all large parrots, our formula contains plenty of in-shell peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts, fruits, vegetables and cooked, dehydrated beans. Contains no artificial flavors or synthetic vitamins!

  • Fruits and Nuts Plus – Dozens of aromatic and delicious whole fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts complete your macaw’s nutrient needs.

  • Healthy Treats – Give your African Grey targeted superfood nutrition with spirulina, or give them yummy pine nuts just for fun!

  • Schmitt’s II Nuts In Shell Formula – Keep your macaw busy with this formula that contains in the shell nuts, dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

  • Bean Supreme – Serve Bean Supreme warm! Delight your macaw with tasty legumes, fruits and vegetables.

  • Caribbean Bounty – The ultimate treat for your macaw, this best-in-class supplement features dozens of flavorful and aromatic fruits and vegetables. Serve natural or cooked.

  • Gardenflora – Use Gardenflora to supplement or wean your young macaw! This guaranteed-fresh blend contains dehydrated beans, fruits and vegetables.

  • Goldn’obles I and II – Packed with organic ingredients, these popular complete nutrition formulas feature over 50 ingredients — but no GMOs, corn or peanuts.

  • Madagascar Delite – Large birds love Madagascar Delite, which features over 50 dehydrated fruits and vegetables, plus herbs, in-shell nuts and cooked beans. Serve natural or cooked.

  • Nutmeats & Fruit – An outstanding supplement that contains over 25 types of nuts and fruits.

  • Schmitt’s Original – No artificial flavors or coloring, and zero synthetic vitamins make Schmitt’s Original the standard by which all other bird foods are measured.

  • South American Preservation Blend I – The perfect choice for large parrots, this peanut-free blend can be served cooked or natural.

  • Tropic Fruit Pudding Blend I – Give your macaw the delicious treat it deserves and blend the Tropic Fruit formulas with juice for a special, tasty supplement.

  • Veggie Crisp Delite – Keep your macaw healthy and strong with this supplemental blend containing over 20 vegetables.

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