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Explore the Latest Bird Health Food Blends From Goldenfeast

Goldenfeast creates and formulates the best bird foods in the industry. Our newest blends include complete nutritional formulas as well as delicious treats and supplements that provide your bird with the diverse, delicious and fun-to-eat foods they need to thrive. Order our newest blends in bulk and get a discount on the bird food you need, plus free shipping!

When you order bird food from Goldenfeast, you will get blends free from synthetic vitamins, artificial colors and preservatives. Whether you need food for your African Grey or your canary, you’ll get the rich, nutritionally dense feed your bird needs — without any of the ingredients that may be harmful to your bird.

Premium Bird Food Mix Free From Additives

Goldenfeast offers many blends that lead the industry in quality and when you open a bag you’ll understand why! You’ll notice that every blend looks and smells delicious because we include natural, wholesome foods in every formula. Read the list of ingredients and you’ll find many of the same healthy delicious foods you would enjoy eating yourself.

Our newest products include:

  • Furry Beasts of Field Blend – Who says birds should have all the fun? Goldenfeast’s most exciting new offering gives hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, gerbils, pet rats, lab rats and rabbits the complete nutrition they need. Furry Beasts of Field contains more than 50 wholesome ingredients, including fruits, vegetables and superfoods like quinoa and chia seeds — all from organic ingredients. This blend contains no pesticides, preservatives, corn, wheat, artificial dyes or synthetic vitamins.
  • Healthy Treats Spirulina – Cultivated blue-green algae packs loads of nutrients into a delicious superfood treat. What better way to enhance the health of your bird?
  • Wild Bird Food I – Attract beautiful songbirds to your property with this special formula featuring over 20 wholesome ingredients. Works with all wild bird feeders except Nyjer (black seed) and thistle seed varieties. Does not contain synthetic vitamins, dyes, sorghum, wheat, corn or peanuts.
  • Wild Bird Food II – The selective backyard birder will love this formula, which is designed to attract a wide variety of colorful songbirds. According to feeder trials, birds prefer this popular food more than twice as much as straight Nyjer seed. This 14-ingredient blend contains no synthetic vitamins or dyes, nor sorghum, wheat, corn or peanuts.
  • Healthy Treats Pine Nuts – If you’ve noticed your bird going crazy for pine nuts, give it more of what it loves! Our Healthy Treats Pine Nuts are a delicious and nutritious supplement for your bird.

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Try our newest blends in Mini-Bulk and you’ll save more. Spend more than $99 dollars and you’ll get free shipping! For larger orders, contact us at 800-344-6536 or for even better pricing.

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