Premium Parakeet Food

If you’re the lucky owner of a parakeet, then chances are you already know these friendly and playful birds thrive when fed a diet comprised of dense nutrients. Full of energy and extremely social, it’s no wonder parakeets are one of the most popular varieties of pet bird. Parakeets, or budgies, are also colorful and extremely intelligent.

Watch a parakeet, and you’ll notice it uses its beak for a variety of tasks. From climbing and digging to chewing, peeling fruit and breaking seeds, your parakeet stays busy! Be mindful of where you keep your parakeet as he loves to munch on anything that looks interesting. Luckily, parakeets adapt well to cage or aviary living, and they are easier to tame than many other varieties of exotic bird. Because they are social birds, they prefer constant companionship. If you pair your parakeet with a partner, they will bond for life.

Our Complete Line of Parakeet Bird Food

Goldenfeast formulates several types of parakeet food available in a variety of sizes including bulk. We’ve customized each blend to complement the distinct needs of the parakeet, including plenty of nuts, seeds and fruits to break, chew and peel!

Our product line includes:

  • Basics Plus Conditioning — Our Basics Plus Conditioning formula for parakeets features many of the same ingredients contained in our gourmet blends. Formulated without artificial preservatives, flavors or dyes.
  • Healthy Bird Treats — We are now bringing you the power of our ingredients in bird treat sizes! Try giving your Parakeet one of our Healthy Treats like our Healthy Treats Pine Nuts or try our Healthy Treats Spirulina — this nutrient-dense blue-green algae is the ideal superfood supplement!
  • Tropic Fruit IV Bits & Pieces — Your parakeet will love this gourmet blend of 30 ingredients formulated just for petite hookbills. Delicious fruit, vegetables and granola make this blend irresistible!
  • Australian Blend — This complete-nutrition formula contains no artificial flavors or synthetic vitamins, and we designed it especially for small exotics. Your parakeet will enjoy fruits and vegetables plus herbs, spices, hemp seed and bee pollen. We even date-stamp it for freshness!
  • Gardenflora Blend — This supplement and weaning food features fruits and vegetables plus cooked, dehydrated beans for better absorption. Fresh-dated and free of synthetic vitamins, colors and flavors.
  • Goldn’obles II and III — Our most popular parakeet food for sale features organic ingredients. Try blending it with an organic nut butter to create your own nutritious food for your baby parakeet. Like all Goldenfeast products, we date-stamp it for freshness.
  • Petite Hookbill Legume — Rich in nutrients, this complete-nutrition formula contains over 50 ingredients sized perfectly for petite hookbills. Peanut-free, we date our legume blend for freshness.

Save Even More With Bulk Parakeet Food

Save more when you buy Mini-Bulk parakeet food, and earn free shipping to the contiguous United States when you over $99. If you would like even larger bulk bird food sizes, call us at 1-800-344-6536 or email us at

Give your parakeet the nutrition he deserves today!

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