Premium Parrotlet Food
If you love large parrots but prefer their lively personality in a smaller package, the parrotlet is the pet bird for you! These smart, adventurous, active and curious birds are rapidly becoming a popular alternative to their large parrot cousins. Native from Central to South America, the two most available pet varieties are the Pacific parrotlet and the green-rumped parrotlet. Other varieties you may find may include the Mexican parrotlet, yellow-faced parrotlet and the blue-winged parrotlet are also available, however, their availability is not as widespread.
The parrotlet’s colorful plumage and funny personality endears it to an owner, who loves the tiny hookbill birds for their bold demeanor and loving attitude. Small in size but big in character, the parrotlet develops a close bond with its owner — but they can be quite territorial. Parrotlets prefer to be kept in a single-bird household, and may become jealous of other household pets.
The smart and active nature of the parrotlet means it needs lots of toys and interesting foods to stay busy — and less destructive. The parrotlet also needs to eat a variety of dense nutrients to fuel its seemingly endless energy! Goldenfeast’s blends for small hookbills provide your pet bird with the ideal mix of nutrients to stay as healthy as possible!
Our Complete Line of Parrotlet Bird Food for Sale
Goldenfeast sets the standard for high quality food in the pet bird industry. Our formulas contain no synthetic vitamins, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors.
Our product line includes:

Conure Gourmet Blend – The perfect gourmet blend for your parrotlet, containing more than 40 ingredients. This blend is also peanut-free!
Healthy Treats – Give your parrotlet nutrient-packed Spirulina or delicious pine nuts! Your parrotlet will love these delicious and nutritious treats.
Australian Blend – This complete nutrition formula is a popular choice for small exotics such as parrotlets. This aromatic blend includes fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, bee pollen, hemp seed and more.
Gardenflora – Wean or supplement your parrotlet with Gardenflora! Date coded for freshness, this formula contains fruits, vegetables, herbs and beans.
Goldn’obles II – This complete nutrition formula is among our most popular blends: We pack over 60 organic ingredients into Goldn’obles.
Petite Hookbill Legume Blend – Hookbills like diversity during mealtime and this formula is just right for the parrotlet’s beak! With over 50 ingredients, this formula is date coded for freshness.
Tropic Fruit IV Bits & Pieces -This supplement formula’s so delicious, you’ll be tempted to try it yourself! It features yummy, dehydrated, aromatic fruits and other appetizing whole foods while containing no peanuts or corn.

Buy Parrot Food in Bulk
Have a parrotlet formula you already love? Save more on your order when you opt for Mini-Bulk sizing. Order more than $99 dollars worth and you’ll get free shipping!
Placing a large order? Call us at 800-344-6536 or email us at for even better pricing. Give your parrotlet the nutrition it deserves today!

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