Goldenfeast Healthy Treats Organic Cranberries



Another tasty Goldenfeast pet product, Goldenfeast Healthy Treats Organic Cranberries are sure to please your favorite parrot! Cranberries are a great source of lots of vitamins and flavorful fun. They contain a variety of nutrients like Vitamin C, magnesium and lots of antioxidants. They also have many beneficial plant “phytochemicals” that are being researched for their ability to reduce cancer and improve blood circulation. What is even better about our Healthy Treats Cranberries is that they are USDA certified organic, so you never have to worry about any unwanted pesticides or chemicals hurting your pet.

There are so many ways you can use our Goldenfeast Healthy Treats Organic Cranberries. Why not sprinkle some on top of your favorite Goldenfeast parrot food blend you are feeding your bird or perhaps hand feed them after your pet learns a new trick?

Another option is to cook up your bird some tasty Goldenfeast Birdy Bread. Click here for the recipe!

Regardless of how you use use our Goldenfeast Healthy Treats Organic Cranberries, your pet bird is going to love the great flavor and nutrition they will bring.

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