Large Beak – Goldn’obles I

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A Complete Nutrition Formula with over 50 wholesome ingredients. No artificial colors or flavors and no synthetic vitamins. Great for all exotic birds. Peanut and corn free. No GMO. Each package is date coded for guaranteed freshness.



     The Goldn’obles formula is the finest extruded food available and our most popular blend. Goldn’obles sets the bar for all other extruded exotic bird food. Formulated with over 60 ingredients, Goldn’obles bring the absolute best in both nutrition and flavor to your favorite parrot, all without the use of synthetic vitamins & artificial ingredients. We have packed this product with specialty ingredients and a variety of superfoods. Not only is Goldn’obles absent of corn, wheat and peanut-ingredients often listed in competitors formulas, the first ingredient in Goldn’obles is the organic “protein power” of Quinoa, one of the healthiest foods known on the planet! The natural complete protein of Quinoa creates the perfect, nutritionally packed foundation to add dozens of other ingredient including Açaí, Chia seeds, apple cider, ginger, Echinacea and 6 different varieties of probiotics. By combining this unmatched ingredient profile, Goldn’obles is giving your bird the best foundation of health for a long and happy life. Try mixing Goldn’obles with fresh fruit or one of our other Goldenfeast Nutritional Supplement blends like Tropic Fruit Pudding I, to encourage more foraging fun for your bird. Goldn’obles works great for larger sized parrots like Macaws, African Greys and Cockatoos.

This delicious gourmet formula is made by processing the following select ingredients:A Complete Nutrition Formula with over 50 wholesome ingredients. No artificial colors or flavors and no synthetic vitamins. Great for all exotic birds. Peanut and corn free. No GMO. Feed naturally as a complete food or blend with one of the many other Goldenfeast formulas. Mix with cashew, almond butter or organic peanut butter for a highly nutritious food for baby exotics. Each package is date coded for guaranteed freshness.

Goldn’obles I/Large Beak is made by processing the following select ingredients: Quinoa, organic brown Rice, organic black beans, Organic triticale, organic soybeans, organic barley, organic flax seed, organic banana puree, organic mango puree, organic alfafa, organic rye seed, organic sunflower kernals, organic agave syrup, almonds, dehydrated raspberries, vegetables composed of parsley, cabbage, Carrots, spinach & garden Peas, rolled Oats, white proso millet, organic apples, dehydrated honey, amaranth, sesame seed, spelt, apple cider, beets, chia seed, kamut, fenugreek, organic cranberries, honey, pinto & kidney beans, cinnamon, Fennel seed, Ginger, Star Anise seed, Bee Pollen, Echinacea, cilantro, red clover leaf, basil, oregano, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, dried lactobacillus fermentum fermentation product, dried enterococcus faecium fermentation product and dried bifidobacterum. No artificial dyes or synthetic vitamins.

Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein (min.) 17.5%; crude fat (min.) 9%; crude fiber (max.) 6%; moisture (max.) 3.5%; ash (max.) 3%

Refrigerate after opening to retain freshness.

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3 reviews for Large Beak – Goldn’obles I

  1. lynnelb (verified owner)

    This is my 4th order from Golden Feast. My hand-raised 17 year-old African Grey has refused every pellet-type food I’ve tried including the higher-priced brands from our avian vet. She LOVES Goldn’obles and refers to them as “cracker.” That’s high praise from her. In addition to fresh fruit and veggie people food, I’ve found she loves Bean Supreme and several of the fruit medleys. There was a free treat of white yogurt looking bits included in one order and she LOVES those. Wish they were available to buy.

  2. Alison James

    I have tried almost every product on the market for our mixed flock of companion birds over the past 35 years from our a cockatiel to a greenwing macaw. I have found every single bird loves Goldn”obles which makes us happy. We add fresh fruit and veggies on the side and they eat both wholeheartedly. Goldn’obles is the Gold standard for parrot food and the price is reasonable for the stellar quality. WE are very satisfied as are, our birds.

  3. Virginia Wood (verified owner)

    I have been through any number of foods supposedly “scientifically formulated” for parrots, and one that specifically claimed to be for Greys, and none have ingredients that seem, based on field observations reported in peer-reviewed scientific papers, to be appropriate for Greys. When I got my hands on my first bag of Goldn’obles and read the ingredients, I went nuts! This is it! Eureka!

    I especially like that it has probiotics in it: I have not found another formula that does. And she’s a stressy bird, so this I believe is going to be A Good Thing for her.

    My bird will eat pelleted foods, but she’s picky about them — there are some mixes of seeds and pellets of which she’ll eat some and ignore others. So I was leery about this. But I held one up to my mouth, made chewing movements (wish I could crunch like she does, it would make this so much easier) and made her nom, nom noise that she does when she wants something, and offered her the first piece. She loved it from the get-go.

    I am now feeding this as her first meal of the morning, in hopes that she gets a good nutritional foundation for her day.

    Love this stuff. Just love it.

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